Cyber Security Engineer – Secure Systems Specialist – Remote, Amsterdam

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Cyber Security Engineer – Secure Systems Specialist – Remote, Amsterdam
Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam,
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Are you an experienced and motivated security engineer / analyst, with experience (and ideally passion!) in assessing secure systems in some (or all!) of these areas: hardware design, embedded systems, common criteria evaluations, mobile security, automotive specific hardware/software, code reviews etc.? Like to do research, assessments and help improve the security of products and systems? Join a well-established, diverse and multi-national team, and play a critical role in analyzing and evaluating the security of our customers’ products, helping them bring secure products to the market.

More information and full details available – reach out for a full conversation and insight on the role, the team, the organization and overall environment.

Key Responsibilities (depending on your area of experience):

Common Criteria Evaluation: Conduct evaluations based on the Common Criteria (ISO 15408) to assess the security attributes of our products and systems.

Secure Hardware Design: Lead the design and implementation of secure hardware components and systems. Identify vulnerabilities, ensure adherence to secure coding practices, and recommend remediation strategies.

Logical Software Vulnerability Assessment: Analyze software components to identify logical vulnerabilities arising from design flaws, coding errors, or unexpected interactions.

Security Code Review: Perform comprehensive security code reviews, focusing on critical components

Embedded Systems Security: Design and implement security measures for embedded systems, protecting against unauthorized access and data manipulation.

Automotive/Mobile Solutions Security: Assess the security of automotive and mobile solutions, identifying potential vulnerabilities and devising strategies to counter remote attacks, secure communication channels, and protect user data.

Mobile Solutions Security: Drive the security enhancement of mobile devices and applications.

Conduct comprehensive security assessments by performing vulnerability analysis and penetration testing on customer products.

Skills and Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Telco Engineering, or Electrical Engineering, or similar education qualification.


communication and technical writing skills for producing comprehensive security reports.

Proven ability to work independently (and at times without supervision as required).

Passion for technical work; strong research-oriented mindset, diving deep into hardware and software technical details.

Similar experience as a security engineer, security analyst, embedded systems engineer, embedded systems developer or similar a plus.

Technical Skills:

Expertise in in at least some of the following technical areas:

Experience in languages such as C, Python, Java, Assembly, VHDL, or Verilog.

Experience in identifying and exploiting software vulnerabilities, with or without access to the source code.

Knowledge of electronics, embedded systems, chip design, and cryptography (at least the fundamentals).

Experience in chip security and smart card security.

Get in touch to discuss further and share more details on this or other relevant opportunities (including discussing your career in information security in general!).

Relevant terms: Product security assessments, Embedded security, Embedded systems security, Common Criteria, Io T security, Secure Hardware design, security code review, automotive security, mobile security, logic vulnerabilities, hardware security, chipset assessments, C, C++, Java, Python, Assembly, Verilog, VHDL, Security by Design, Secure Hardware, TEE, Boot ROM, Encryption,

Encryption Algorithms, TPM, Trusted Execution Environment, hardware based isolation, secure enclave, chip assessments, hardware security architecture, secure design reviews, ISO 15408, Product Life Cycle security, CC Evaluations, TOE / ST, Security state, security attributes,

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Soort baan: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salaris type: Maandelijks
Bezetting: Cyber security engineer – secure systems specialist – remote

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